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Vegenat began as a brand of Agrotécnica Extremeña. This company was founded in 1982 and was dedicated to producing dehydrated vegetables as ingredients for the Food Industry. With the passage of time, the Vegenat brand acquired a great reputation in its markets as a supplier of dehydrated products that substitute for fresh products for collective catering, specializing in hospitals, geriatric nursing homes and catering.  Vegenat was established as a company in 1991.


In the 90’s, Vegenat created a new concept for the market: “Modified Texture Food” A product that can be instantaneously reconstituted, with a balanced composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and a contribution of vitamins and minerals. It helps patients who have physical difficulties and are consequently badly nourished. This food is defined by the Health Authority as “Dietetic Products for Special Medical Purposes” (ADUME).

In 1994, Agrotécnica, as a manufacturing centre, certified our Integrated Quality and Environmental System based on the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE – EN ISO 14001. Making us pioneers in Spain.

In 1995, Vegenat created Vegenat USA. Our product VEGENAT -3 was recognized by the FDA as Medical food.

In 1996, Agrotécnica continued to consolidate in the industrial ingredients market and became one of the leaders for Dehydrated White Onion. It formed a partnership with the largest dehydrated White Onion industry in the world.

In 1997 Agrotécnica became a certified supplier of Dehydrated White Onion for McDonald’s Europe.

We have also secured the KOSHER and Halal certificates since 1997.


In 2001, Vegenat created its own R+D+i department capable of coordinating projects with multidisciplinary groups that helped to achieve differentiating products with the highest scientific and technical reputation in the field of “Clinical Nutrition”.

Products that had been introduced into hospitals and geriatric nursing homes over a decade ago were reformulated under the brand Vegenat-med as Dietary Foods for Special Medical Purposes in 2001, and can only be sold through the Farma channel as they are medical prescription products and reimbursable by the Public Health System.

In 2004, Vegenat’s clinical nutrition line was introduced in the United Kingdom, and in 2005 the British ACBS introduced in its supply system, the products marketed under the Vegenat-medpor brand.


In 2007, Vegenat became the parent company after the acquisition of Agrotécnica Extremeña. CONSOLIDATION OF VEGENAT AS A CLINICAL NUTRITION COMPANY.

Once the R+D+I department had developed the entire portfolio of Clinical Nutrition products in 2007, Vegenat made a great investment in technology and in the market in order to become the First Spanish Clinical Nutrition company with production in Spain. Vegenat built a UHT treatment line and various packaging lines within its industrial complex. This investment culminated in Vegenat’s strategic goal to become designers, producers and marketers of its own ready-to-take Clinical Nutrition formulas.

In 2015, it reinforced its commitment to food safety and continuous improvement by implementing the Food Defence system and established measures to protect its products against intentional contamination throughout its entire supply chain.

In 2017, Vegenat completed 35 years of entrepreneurial life, and reached a point in our diversified businesses that required segregating Vegenat into two companies, Vegenat Healthcare and Vegenat Ingredient, so that these companies can develop.

Both businesses required very different strategies and each one had to follow its own path.