We offer total product traceability from its origin to its final distribution


Vegenat exercises exhaustive controls over the raw materials processed at its facilities, from seed production to delivering the final product to the customer. This requires a highly experienced technical team who fully monitor the crops within an integrated management framework. They provide real time information on the status of each product.

Traceability and fully monitoring all the components involved in preparing our products, from raw materials through the distribution of our final products, is not only a requirement but a value within the company that enables us to provide not only good products, but also a commitment to safety and transparency for our customers.

Therefore, products at Vegenat are controlled, managed and evaluated to protect the health of our customers, in order for food safety to be efficient.

The R & D department reviews new or improved technologies applied to production processes, in order to produce better quality products that add value for our customers. We are dedicated to researching and developing our processes using technical and agronomic methods that respect the environment.