Knowledge at the service of the satisfaction, quality and health of our customers


Vegenat’s vision is to be a world leader in the production of dehydrated raw materials with low microbiology – ultra and extra low bacteria. We focus all our efforts on operational excellence, guaranteeing maximum safety in our products and customer satisfaction.
Vegenat relies on four basic principles to achieve this ambitious goal: quality, safety, traceability and service.


Offering the highest quality standards in both products and services.
We apply all the necessary controls in our production process that guarantee an excellent result.


Vegenat is synonymous with food safety.
We strictly comply with EU food legislation. We carry out programs of good manufacturing practices, thus guaranteeing a 100% safe product.


Controlling each and every step of our value chain.
From the production of the seed to the delivery of the product in the facilities of our clients.


Providing a satisfying experience is the foundation of our business. At Vegenat, we focus on getting to know our clients to offer our services in a personalized and individual way. Commitment, reliability and sincerity are our guarantee.


The values that drive our business are key to the development of our activity. We strive to work conscientiously and responsibly with our environment and people, which is why we attach great importance to values such as:


Being the most important figure on which all our activity pivots. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service to the client, totally personalized and adapted to their needs.


Vegenat is a family business with a great innovative tradition that has put all its resources at the service of the client to develop activities aimed at continuous improvement and business excellence.


Offering a better future to our closest socio-economic environment, developing responsible policies with people and the environment. We strive to make the world a better place, making responsible use of resources.


We offer products and services of the highest quality with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers, always seeking the profitability of our business. Our goal is to build solid and lasting business relationships over time.


Vegenat’s success is possible thanks to the recognition of the value of our human team, their work and collective talent.

Respect, motivation, equality and satisfaction of people are our fundamental pillars to retain talent and guarantee occupational health and safety.