CTretze Pirineus

CTretze Pirineus, is a brewery located in Pobla de Segur. A project of young entrepreneurs who bet on their native territory to create and produce a quality product. The 9 years since the beginning of the activity guarantee them as a quality product and good service to their customers. Thanks to good work, they have managed to have the brewery with the highest production in the Pyrenees and with a notable position as a product of the Km0 territory.

They seek professionalism within the sector to work with the maximum product and service guarantees.

Aware that this brewing world is beginning to make its way to its land and culture, from the Pallars region they offer their product with the best selection of ingredients in their beers: water, malt and hops.

These recipes are inspired by their land, Pallars, Pyrenean regions in which pure water is its main differentiating ingredient as a product of the highest quality.

Some of the questions we have asked our collaborator…

P: How old is the company?
R: Nine years.

P: What do you look for in a supplier?
R: Quality and reliability.

P: What kind of products do you usually use?
R: Regarding you, citrus

P: What do you think of the Vegenat products?
R: The ones I’ve tried; unbeatable.

P: What have you used them for?
R: For a limited edition batch of beer.

P: Have you had the expected result?
R: Yes.

P: Would you recommend it to other companies?
R: I already have.