Professional attendance at food sector trade fairs and events

Exhibiting in food trade fairs places is one of the best marketing channels for our products, both nationally and for exports, being one of the most interesting ways of promotion.

An exhibition stand at these events enables us to present our innovations in the dehydrated ingredients sector and also discover first hand the latest market requirements and the latest developments by the competition.

2019 FAIRS

13-16 february
Nürnberg, Germany / STAND 8-550

16-18 may
Tokio, Japan / B-301

02-05 june

03-05 december
Paris, France / 7N161

The thirtieth BioFach fair in Nuremberg is the world’s leading trade fair for organic products. A great event synonymous with ecological tradition and innovation that brings together the entire sector.

It presents news and trends from the entire biological market, which includes food and cosmetics.

Surface area of the fair: 44.587 m2

Total number of exhibitors: 2.348

Countries represented: 86

Visitors: 44.000 professionals

FI Europe is one of the world’s most important food and beverage ingredient platforms in this sector. It brings together the world’s leading food and beverage suppliers and specialists in research and development, production and marketing to showcase market innovations and a wide range of new ingredients.

Surface area of the fair: 8.000 m2

Total number of exhibitors: 365

Visitors: 32.346 professionals

IFT Food Expo brings together thousands of food industry professionals from around the world to see the latest products, technologies, tools, techniques and services. It brings together buyers and sellers from all corners of the world. It has over 1,000 exhibitors, so the potential for new ideas, business contacts and new opportunities is immense.

Surface area of the fair: 80.000 m2

Total number of exhibitors: 1.200

Visitors: 23.000 professionals

IFIA JAPAN is the largest additive and ingredient fair in Japan. It is considered the best opportunity to find healthy food producers, suppliers and distributors in general. Great international event.

Surface area of the fair: 8.000 m2

Total number of exhibitors: 365

Visitors: 32.346 professionals