Amasa bakes handmake bread with ecological flour selected through the original mother mass.

Its owner , Silene, she spent her entire childhood between the countryside and the jungle as the daughter and the granddaughter of farmers. Since childhood, rooted in that environment, she was able to absorb the family knowledges of the artisanal and natural elaboration of breads, biscuits, cakes, butter …

She worked in several sectors. Those related to the gastronomy are the ones that have always worried her the most. After some cooking courses, she became proffesional as a baker and, in so doing, it was founded AMASA.

Some questions we asked to our partner…

Q: How old is the company?
A: The company is 7 years old

Q: What do you look for in a supplier?
A: We look for quality, sustainability and timeliness

Q: What kind of product do you usually use?
A: We use flours, seeds, milk products, eggs and chocolates

Q: What do you think about the products from Vegenat?
A: Exceptional, the results of our breads have considerably improved. Thanks to your products we obtain a better result, since the mass hydrate the olives and add flavour.

Q: For what purpose have you used them?
A: We want to add them in some of our breads

Q: Did you get what you expected?
A: Yes

Q: Would you recommend to others companies?
A: Of course!