The citrus fruit campaign in Vegenat

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During the first three months of the year, at Vegenat S.A. we focus all our efforts on the citrus fruit campaign. Since last week we have started to manufacture dehydrated lemon and orange in their different sizes that we offer to our clients.

Vegenat’s citrus fruit production starts from a totally natural raw material, freshly picked from the tree. We do not use waste or by-products in our process. We start from a fresh fruit that contains all its juice, peel and essential oils. Hence, the result is a product with a much more intense flavor, aroma, smell and color. In addition, they are minimally processed, which allows the fruit to retain more nutrients than other products.

Since last year and with the intention of making the most of our raw material, we have launched a new line of orange and lemon juices.

These citrus fruits have innumerable applications, being ideal for dressings, marinades, ice creams, chocolates, pastry, sauces, teas, etc. We leave you here some ideas where you can make use of our dehydrated citrus fruit.