Our onion campaign

Our mission is to be leaders in the low bacteriology onion market, just as in dehydrated ingredients with added value for the food industry. Making us into strategic partners of our customers and suppliers.

Hence, every year, we focus all our efforts on our most important campaign: onions, complying with the strictest quality standards, food safety and always developing sustainability policies and respecting the environment, contributing to the development of the local economy

The origin of the onion is Asian, in Iran and Pakistan. Cultivated from 6,000 B.C. from Asia it spread to Europe and from there to America. Some references, perhaps the oldest, indicate that it was cultivated in the gardens of China around 5,000 years ago, although it was not until the Egyptians discovered it that it gained greater importance. The arrival of the onion throughout the Mediterranean was due to the Romans, who expanded its consumption at the same time as their empire.

In the surroundings of Beja, Portugal, we can find the farms of Vegenat. The area is destinated to the crop of those onions so characteristic of Vegenat. Our mission is to protect the Earth by means of the conservation and the control of the resources such as the water and the soil. This is visible thank to the pivots (method of irrigation) and the care of the farmers in the harvest. Every day during the moths of campaign, several trucks get ready to start the journey to the 24,9 kilometers of Pueblonuevo del Guadiana.

Once the onions are in the factory, they are submitted in a drying process until they lose all its water. The result is our star product: the dehydrated onion.

The dehydrated onion keeps the aroma of onions in a optimal way and even more, the drying process make them more elegant and subtly than the fresh onion. Dehydrated onion is a basic ingredient and quite used it in the food industry.

Dehydrated onion is used in several recipes; therefore its applications are similar as the fresh onion. In fact, it is a perfect substitutive of the fresh one. It is possible to add dehydrated onions to stews which have a enough level of humidity since it is rehydrated quite fast. It is optimal for soups, minced meet, any sauces, bread dough or as a topping in a salad.

Dehydrated onion is commonly used it in the Mediterranean cuisine, but also in other cultures. For instance, the German cuisine, the French one, the Indian or the North American. Today, dehydrated onions have a widespread use across the world. In addition, it is a condiment full of vitamins and minerals which gives enormous benefits for the body.